Mommy and Me

Mother and daughter,
Best friends,
Lock and key,
Yep, that's Mommy and Me.

We were there for each other,
I took care of her too,
Even though she was the mother,
I didnt mind it was something I liked to do,
Because it was always Mommy and me.

We never judged,
We never fought,
we got judged,
We got threatened,
But we didnt care,
It was mommy and me.

I have her back,
She has mine,
It will be like that all the time,
Through bad weather we stayed together,
Because That's Mommy and Me.

Just us two,
Always and forever,
Mommy and me.

I protect her,
She protects me,
That's the way it will always be,
You can disagree,
But thats Mommy and Me.

I'm not perfect,
Neither is she,
That's why it's Mommy and Me.

But lately I dont know what to do,
Just us two?
The Mommy I knew,
Wouldnt do those things,
I Miss Mommy and Me.

I hate that I cant protect her,
But there's nothing I can do,
Everything is such a blur,
I wish none of it was true,
I want Mommy and Me.

I cant blame myself,
She did this to herself,
So I guess I just got to wait til,
We can be,
Mommy and Me.

So now,
There is Mommy,
And there is Me,
Two different people,
But it'll always be,
Just Mommy and Me.

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