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January 26, 2014
By Chanchie GOLD, Trivandrum, Other
Chanchie GOLD, Trivandrum, Other
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A writer who writes without zest, without gusto, without fun, without love is only half a writer.
-Ray Bradbury

What happens when you love someone
And then you have to leave
Your heart with anguish heaves
And you feel yourself come undone

What happens when you walk away
And he will not be there on a rainy day
When you both know you can't stay
And without him things always go astray

What happens when it finally hits you
And you trudge alone down the lonely lane
Your love stands the test true
Of time and distance, yet again

I know what happens when hope fades
And numbness engulfs me
Tears and pain, like a waterfall cascade
And you feel cold, colder than the deepest sea

The author's comments:
One of my closest friends lives at the other end of the country. Sometimes I miss him terribly and at one of those times I wrote this.

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