They Just Don't Understand

How could they know what I went through?
Or maybe they can, but just don’t want to
They tell me it’ll be alright
But why won’t they tell me to fight, just fight
Or what I did.
Because it wasn't my fault.
You want the truth
There it is!
Handed to you
And you know you’re my role model
The only one who’s there
But the way you treat yourself
Makes me wonder if you care
You don’t want me to do this
You don’t want me to do that
But how can I
When there are people breathing down my neck
My labor is minimum
But I got problems too
Between school, friends, and boys
There’s no telling what I’d do
The stress is piling on
So why won’t you help?
I’m just teen, take it off?
I can't deal with some of this hell.
And treat me with unimportance.
and be gone all time.
You rush out the door
You take the key
Like everything's fine.
Come on now
We're just a simple plan
But it’ll always be:

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