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A Literary Anomaly

December 20, 2013
By JuniperProductions PLATINUM, Stafford, Virginia
JuniperProductions PLATINUM, Stafford, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
An old man told his grandson, "There is a fight between two wolves inside of us. One is bad-- it is lust, pried, and lies. The other is good-- love, caring and humility." The boy thought for a moment and asked, "Which one wins?" "The one you feed."

If I were a tragedy
from between creased pages
I would be absorbed,
the taste of blood
left in the mouths of all.

If I were a calamity
from electric lines on a television set
I would sneak through
the doors to your soul
and devour you.

If I were a cataclysm
from the mind of a mad man
I would sneak through the ears
like a snake, hissing my story
while I twisted myself in your spine.

But this story isn’t fictional;
this tragedy is real—
and it destroys
it touches.

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