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The Voice's Lies

December 16, 2013
By Anon.Writer SILVER, Loveland, Ohio
Anon.Writer SILVER, Loveland, Ohio
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Her mind knows
But her heart doesn't.
She is worth so much more
But a Voice whispers
You will never be good enough.
She tries to ignore the Voice.
But the Voice whispers the poisonous lies.
She begins to believe the evil lies
And stops eating.
The Voice still whispers
You are not good enough.
She eats less and less
And her arms bear her battle scars.
Her mind argues
You are good enough.
But she cannot believe herself.
She is falling down
So far into the darkness.
She cannot get back up.
I am not good enough.
She thinks and the Voice falls silent.
The Voice is now her own.

The author's comments:
The girl is anorexic. She knows that she is skinny, and should stop. But people keep telling her that she is fat. She starves herself and when nothing changes, begins to cut her arms.
I am anorexic. I haven't cut yet, but I have thought about it.
To everyone who either cuts, is anorexic, or both. You are worth so much more than you think!

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