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Under the Christmas Lights

December 12, 2013
By Evey4321 SILVER, Fiskdale, Massachusetts
Evey4321 SILVER, Fiskdale, Massachusetts
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― Marilyn Monroe

The lights burn their colors into her eyes
She walks in the street
The freezing air leaving roses on her cheeks and puffing with her breath
The blowup Santa's singing Ho Ho Ho
And wire reindeer cover lawns

Only Christmas Carols on the radio
The soft pat pat pat of her feet as she walks into the night
Her blank stare
The blinding lights
Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas! They tell her
Have a good holiday!
She smiles, says "You too!"
And keeps walking without a backward glance
Ho Ho Ho

She stops on the corner,
Exhales a long frosty sigh,
And looks down the way she has come
Looks at the lights and the warm houses

Little do they know,
Little does the world know,
That she is JEWISH

Tightening her scarf,
Pulling her hat firmly over her ears
She walks on into the darkness
Ho Ho Ho...

The author's comments:
I find the whole Christmas holiday so comercialized and I think it has lost its meaning. I also think it is completely inconsiderate and rude to asume that everyone celebrates Christmas when actually you have no idea what their religion is. They could be Hindu or Jewish or Buddist or any other religion that doesn't celebrate Christmas. It pisses me off to think that everyone is only one thing. It's sad.

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