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The Summit of Memories is its Fall

December 13, 2013
By Under-the-Rain GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
Under-the-Rain GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Are you ready to go to battle with your mind?- Written by me :)
Lost the battle, win the war//Bringing my sinking ship back to the shore- Paramore, Now

Are you ready to go to battle with your mind?
You have that feeling that you
accomplished something great,
but that is a feeling, one which will be
overridden with numbness and frustration.
Simply all because you are over thinking the process or you just can not remember.
Yet The Matter of your thoughts is
anything but simple.

How much do you actually
remember from a day?
And after x number of years has passed by
which thoughts if any will stick and become a memory?
Is your thinking wasteful?
Will you even remember thinking about this?

Stop looking at life through a window,
and make new memories.
You just don't know what to do with yourself.
A wallet full of pictures won't help
Nor any vhs tapes.

We are suppose to remember our
faults and failures.
And if you wallow in that too much
They will devour you alive
from the mind outward every part of your body,
slowly burning your existence.
Will you remember going through this?

Supposedly all you have
to hang on to from going
crazy are memories,
but how can they help when they are the ones
making you crazy?

Sweety, Now you are paranoid.
Do not take this valuable,
fragile instrument ever for granted,
expecting it has no power.
Will you remember I said this?

You will be one feeling lost and
disoriented when your mind decides
to throw all of your memories away.
You are always going to be in a fist fight
with your memories
whether you have them or not.

So Darling, it is not my fault that
you can't stop remembering.
or remember at all.

You shouldn't dwell in this case,
you are only drilling it deeper into your conscious.
I will not help you forget or regain your memories.
I just can’t.
Not when it is I who you can’t forget
or it is I who made you lose your memories.
I’m done with these endeavours.
Remember this!

The author's comments:
I was thinking about my thoughts/ memories and I realized that they are with and against us as I explain in my poem.
I am really proud of this poem, because it is different than what I usually write about and in my eyes it is really insightful. I feel like it makes you actually think about your thoughts and memories, and hopefully when you are done reading my poem you will think about that.
I wrote an essay going more in depth about this subject.
*the picture of books, look at them as if they are vhs tapes

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