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Still Alive

December 12, 2013
By SamuelSudlow PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
SamuelSudlow PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
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It’s not always easy at first, heading to a new school,
New grade, new groups, having to re-learn what it takes to be cool,
Freshmen, more like fresh meat, they smell me like I just chummed the water,
See my skin color, then hear how I sound, they’re surprised, “can’t believe he’s not butter,”
I can see how they’d get confused, even though I’m not butter, I feel so smooth,
Smooth with the words, and I flow with the rhymes,
If there was any competition I would have lapped em’ three times,

All the ideas I came up with that I didn’t want to get stolen,
I placed inside my head, that’s why it looks swollen,
Just to be sure, I gave my mind a combination lock,
I forgot the code, so I try to open it with force, using a rock,
Now ideas burst out the cracks, no idea what’s coming, it’s like a jack-in-the-box,
Pumping out at the speed of paintballs to a canvas, and I’m not wearing a smock,
My life will be fine, with or without my pops,

I’ve been hearing lies lately,
Haters saying I’m scared, hiding behind windows tinted,
They all try to knock me, but they can’t knock me off my hinges,
I’m low in supply, yet high in demand,
Ask those around me, they say I’m the main man,
I swear, sometimes seeing you struggle causes me pain,
So you can keep the sunshine, long as you save me the rain,

They try to usurp me from my throne,
Burn down my castle,
Unfortunately for them they won’t get it til I die,
But even when I do, my passion will survive,
It will work its way into the great poets with alike minds,
See you can kill the queen bee but you can’t destroy the hive,
Don’t forget I’m still the best, did you forget I was still alive?

The author's comments:
This is a poem with a rap flow. I was inspired by some artists that I listened to recently.

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