It's not about

December 2, 2013
It's not about the broken pieces,
that I have picked up from the ground.
Attempting to be careful, wearing gloves,
but still having my fingers be torn apart
and bleed.

It's not about the rusty voices,
that are once again being used.
They were out of sight, out of mind.
They don't have to be here,
it's up to me to choose.

It's not about the faulty bridges,
I have built to all the people
that surround me every day.
They don't realize how flammable they are,
until they've already gone up in smoke.

It's not about the forgotten,
or the ones who forget.
I need to remember,
so I'm not filled with

It's not about the mistakes,
of me not trying.
It's not about the less than 123 percent.
That I didn't know how to give.
My will was gone, of no choice of mine.

It's not about whose fault it is,
and whose it is not.
For blame leaves all who could flourish
to rot
and rot.

It's not about the future or the past.
We have the here and now,
it is not going to last.
We have numbered days, to continue our way.
How am I to remember, that my life is only one?

It's not about the loss of feeling,
or all the sadness and despair.
Nor about the lack of sanity,
and the feeling of no one there.
Who am I to say that no one can care?

It's not about the lack of decency
that fills this world every day.
People pretending that others are just
in their way.
Pretending that they can judge.

It's not about the judgements, either.
Of who is better,
and who is worse.
Nor is it of how much money one has
in their purse.

It's not about what you have lost,
or what has been taken away.
What has been stolen before you had it,
or before you could appreciate
what it is you had.

What it really is about,
is who is there to take the garbage out with you,
who is the one that stays up late at night,
to talk you out of stupid things.
Who will answer your call after midnight?

Which person in your life will hold your hand
in public.
Who would defy the laws of science,
just to see your face.
Obstructions can be passed.

Who do you know
that will give you their all?
A person that has never treated you
as though they are bigger, better, or smarter.
That gives you every ounce of their respect?

If you have found a person like this,
then that is what it is all about.
Not the petty things,
not the bad things.
But the good, that can overcome it all.

If you have found a person like this,
keep them.
You will never find such a person again.
They will be the one that you never doubt,
evein if you doubt yourself.

This person is yours,
and can not just tell you,
but show you
the true, and faultless meaning
of life.

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