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You Are With Me?

November 27, 2013
By Icillict PLATINUM, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Icillict PLATINUM, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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Are you with me?

Can you hear the strums of this guitar?

It plays at the beat of my empty mind.

Boom, boom, boom.
Strum, strum, and strum.

I heard him say,
“You are not alone, I’ll be by your side don’t be scared.”
Are you still with me?

You looked dazed.

As if the coffee and chocolate was consuming you.

Yum, yum, yum.
Strum, strum, and strum.

And he says,
“I just want to thank you, I appreciate.”

It was so hard to write down everything you do.

My brain only stores certain memories.

Maybe this is only an imagination I would like to create.

You are not with me.

The strums of the guitar only plays the beat of the dummy line.

I hear him say it only in my ears with no one knowing.

You do not exists physically to me.

No coffee or chocolate is consuming you.

Do you even like coffee?

It’s so hard to write down everything you do.

Because you never really did it.

The author's comments:
When you brain plays with you...

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