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I Can't Handle Liars

November 23, 2013
By tori-gurl PLATINUM, Norwich, New York
tori-gurl PLATINUM, Norwich, New York
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All I have ever wanted
Was someone to crave me
As much as I crave love
I just need the moral support
I need to get high off of phone calls
And the soothing sound
Of not being
And utterly

All I have understood from this life
Is that no one will have the same longings as me
I will never be worthy of the love I want
And that’s
And killing me
Just one phone call, that’s all I asked for.

Just one minute of your time,
Before the time you have with me slips away
Because if you don't try with me
Then I wont try to stay

I don't play games,
Because I don't play by the rules
If you initiate mind games
I play dirty
Because I don't want to play at all
I would much rather have honesty

I can handle the truth.

But so many people are too busy worrying about feelings
Or hiding their true ones
That they place veils on their faces
Lines blurring who they really are
And lie.

I can’t handle liars.

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November 17th, 2013

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