The Man I Was

I am not the man I was yesterday:
I am not the love, the hatred, the smiles and tears
I am not the boy of seven years.
I am not naïve, I am not full of dreams
I am not the captain of the water polo team.
I am not your soul mate and no I don’t care,
Because I am not the man who is willing to share.
I am not the romantic, no longer a fool,
I am not the kid you knew from school.
I don’t have long hair and I don’t look the same,
I don’t care for the past and I don’t remember your name.
I don’t look back at what I used to be,
I don’t think about when it was you and me,
I don’t feel nostalgic on the drives back home,
I don’t feel depressed, I don’t feel alone.
So I guess you can say that I’m doing good,
I guess it all turned out the way it should.
I guess my life is better now that you’re away,
I guess I am better than yesterday.
I guess tomorrow will bring an even newer me;
And long with it, a new world to see.
I guess one day I’ll find another you,
I guess one day when the sky isn’t blue.

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