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November 22, 2013
By kailasulli SILVER, Asheboro, North Carolina
kailasulli SILVER, Asheboro, North Carolina
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Words run around the corner
and tumble from the cracks
They are cold and calculated
As they begin to attack
words sharper than a pencil
more dangerous that a knife
Ready to taunt and strangle
the good
from someone's life
Cruelty spat
like spitting flames
Hurting those around
with deadly played games
Vulnerability shining through
from darkness on the ground
Crashing through the serenity
shattered pieces
break sound
Crippling you with sadness
you can't even walk on two feet
unable to fight
so you begin to retreat
cruel words
slap at your body
Destroying all feeling
just an empty shell
Without your hope
then the evil wins
with good
falling from the end of a

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