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Here's To You

November 8, 2013
By byebyebirdy BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
byebyebirdy BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
They change every day. Today's is this: "But sometimes the sun has been up for a long time and we just refuse to open the curtains." ~the woman I met on the street that one time.

To all of the kids who have something to say
To the ones who know how it feels to lock yourself away
To the ones who cry out but are never heard
Who only scream when you’re alone because alone is when you’re scared
To you who have fallen and hit rock bottom
Who have felt the breath of hatred and death’s whispers, you have fought them
To those of you who are deemed too young to feel the way you do
To those who’ve been burned by all the flames we walk through
It’s time to stand and time to speak
To show them all that being young doesn’t make us weak
It’s time to end the silence and time to make a them hear
That we are the ones who know the pain and have given in to fear
We are all the silent ones who have the most to say
So stop wishing to be heard and speak
Or these things will never change

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I felt alone in my feelings and when I felt that being a kid made me wrong for how I felt, or that I couldn't have those feelings because they are for grown ups. I wrote it for all the kids that know how it feels to hurt and not be heard. I wrote it so we know we aren't the only ones; we are an army.

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