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The Tempest

October 27, 2013
By JulesC GOLD, Orlando, Florida
JulesC GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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"It was cliché, he knew, but he meant it classic." ~S.E. Hinton (Some of Tim's Stories)

One day when I
Was marching along
The sea I saw
The beauty of it all
The uncommon beauty

The sky which
Was usually a lovely
Robin's egg blue
Was blanketed in
A thunderous gray

The sea that
Used to be calm
And azure was
A flat gray color
That churned tumultuously

The gulls that
So often called cheerily
Shrieked harshly
In a grating and eerie manner
That disturbed me greatly

The sand that
Caressed my feet
With every step
Now stung and clung
To my toes uncomfortably

No children played
And laughed on
The beach the
Water and the shore
Was devoid of human life

Everything was cold
As the wind whipped
My face and angrily
Tossed up the sand
And carelessly sprayed the water

The distance was
Smothered in a
Thick and suffocating
Fog that blinded me
And left me helpless

Together the wind
And crashing sea
And raging clouds
Created a cacophony
That deafened me

Blindly I stumbled
Along the shore
Arms outstretched
As though feeling my
Way through the emptiness

The miniature oceans
That tumbled down my cheeks
Were cast away by
The unyielding whirlwind
That pushed me back

I too was unyielding
And I fought my way
Through the open air
And I wrapped your
Scarf around me

I allowed myself
A moment's glance
And I gasped at
The raw and fresh
Scenery surrounding me

It reminded me
Of a newly cut
Wound the bitter
Water and the
Merciless sand

I was awed and
Frightened by the
Stunning view that
So largely encompassed
My small person

White foam
Road along
The roaring
Sea and clung
To it bravely

I could never be
So brave and
Yet I tried
Because you
Had told me to

The author's comments:
So I've got this thing for stormy ocean scenes, I guess.

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