Here's to the weird and wonderful.

Here’s to the weird and the wonderful:
I know you’ve had those nights
where the rain could not compete in volume of water
to the saltiness running down your cheeks.
I know the pounding on the pavement from your feet
as you run from the demons that chase and tie you down,
have no competition with the pounding of your heart
when you hold silence to your sobs, and force them to coexist.
I know the sound of a music concerts cannot challenge
the volume of which the voices in your head have screamed
into your already bloody ears, that cannot take another moment of torture.
I know that the tapping of your foot has nothing to do with ADHD
But with the nerves in your body, waiting to be unleashed
as you attempt to keep your anxiety hidden.
Here’s to the weird and wonderful:
Within all your hard times,
Even knowing there are more to come,
know also that there are many times of good as well.
I promise you this:
That there really is a bright side,
that the jar is technically full,
half of water, then half of air.
Within all the things that cause us trouble,
we have to stand tall, try our best,
because we are not alone, no matter how alone we feel.
Here’s to the weird and wonderful:
Raise your fist in triumph, because you have made it through another day.
You have survived, and I am proud of you.
Smile in the mirror as you see someone you don’t know look back at you,
because there will come a time when you know that person very well.
Allow yourself the simple things, because they are why we live.
Here’s to the weird and the wonderful:
We can do it.
And we will.

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icsparkles said...
Oct. 30, 2013 at 8:12 am
Thank you, I shall work on that. ^.^
ramona7 said...
Oct. 29, 2013 at 12:15 pm
three cheers for the weird and wonderful !!! hip hip hurray!!! hip hip hurray!!!! hip hip hurray!!!! excellent writing...though i would suggest to divide it into proper lines and know....for the flow....otherwise, smashing theme!!! ^_^
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