Never ending way of life it's self

October 20, 2013
By sledzrac000 BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
sledzrac000 BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
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only if you knew the things that run through my head
only if they would slow down and stop
but no they keep going
all i am is a never ending storey for no one to read
only if anyone would even want to read
who i say
no one
there is always a way to put me down
but who would care
in this never ending storey
i do wish that more would love to pick that book up
dont through it
just take some time anytime to sit and read
read the reason of a storey that feel as it could just fade
as you read the words may fade as if they were never there
i dont care if people take the time anymore to read
yes we all have a storey
we all know in our own way we have been put down
some more than others
some just want someone anyone to lisen
some want no one to hear them
i do not ask for you to see me
but if i was there know that i can do more
dont push me away i can be more
for some reason i dont know if i even matter to anyone
as i lisen to the words of my storey run in my head
i see what can be done or even undone
dont look at me as i am down
im truely not
the ways of what has been said can be taken many ways
be who you are
let me fade as i already have
no one can change what is already done
no matter what is said
running words through my head say just love what you want
do as you please
make things true as they can be

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