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The Colors of My Life

October 22, 2013
By Tobirue SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
Tobirue SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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One day as I opened my box of colored pencils
I heard a cacophony of laughter
I looked around, but my class was dead silent
“Look down! Look down!” the voices screamed.
I looked down and the only things that lay
Were my big box of colored pencils and an empty sheet of paper.
I ignored the voices, thinking I was crazy
And pulled out my yellow colored pencil

“Hello! Hey! My name is Yellow!
I laugh, I sing, I play.
I’m happy every day.
I’m the sun that shines upon your face
And the finish line of every race!
I tell you when you need to go slow
And I’m the fireflies that at night glow!”
I smiled at the pencil, finishing the sun I drew.
The pencils were talking and only I could hear.
I put the yellow one back and
I took out the blue one to draw the pretty sky.

“Hey man. How’re you? My name is Blue.
I’m cool man, cool as an igloo.
I’m pretty chill, a lot more chill than you.
Some people think I’m sad,
but that just isn’t the case
I’d like to think I’m pretty rad
Too slow and cool to join in any race.
So calm down bro and take a chill pill
Hey dude, you know you don’t have to climb every hill.”
I took a deep relaxing breath as I put the blue pencil back
and pulled out the green one.

“Greetings young child. My name is Green!
I think we should all save the trees
So we can still breathe with ease.
I love the animals, especially birds
Some people even call me a nature nerd.
Did you know that ants are so many
There are one million just for your Aunt Penny?
Did you know that wheatgrass is good for your colon
Especially if your colon is feelin’ swollen?”
I had a whole new perspective on grass
As I put the weird green pencil back
And pulled out a pink one to make some flowers.

“Why hello there darling! My name is Pink!
I am a pretty pretty princess
I rule over all of the colors
Even though they make quite a mess.
Little girls adore me
And older boys think I’m tough
But lets you and I agree
Together they describe me well enough.
I stand for love and I stand for peace
And never, ever shall my reign cease.”
Feeling a strange mix of love and loathing for the color
I put the pink pencil back and I took out the last one
A red pencil to add a few cardinals to the sky.

“Hey man! WASSUP? My name’s Red.
I’m intense and I’m fast!
I live life on the edge!
I sure like to have a blast!
And I’ll never make anyone a pledge!
I’m passion and I’m love!
I’m never afraid to give someone a shove!
Make sure that you don’t make me mad
Or I’ll be sure that you’re feelin’ real bad!”
Almost afraid of the pencil before me
I finished my picture and put it back,
Looking at the group of them.
Before I shut the box they all began to chant.

“We are all the colors of your life
We truly don’t mean to give you strife
You can’t paint a picture without all of us
Your life just wouldn’t be complete and plus
We all mean something special to you
And on your journey with us you are finally through.”
I was kind of sad that the colors were done
I tried to get them to talk some more, almost screaming
But when I looked up everyone just stared at me
Nobody had heard them and the only one I probably was.
I finally accepted that they would no longer speak
So I went up to my teacher, averting the eyes of my classmates
And I turned in the picture of my life.

The author's comments:
I was beginning to develop a case of writers block, so I asked my mom what I should do. She told me I should write about Tae-KwonDo, but I didn't really want to. However, the belt colors and their meanings were part of the inspiration of this poem.

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