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October 22, 2013
By Alani BRONZE, Sydney, Other
Alani BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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Soit belle, faire le bien, soit heureux ~

So often I wring my hands,
Each moment spent in wonder
Of what lies ahead
And what is to be left behind.
Living cautiously,
Enjoying each moment with an
Undercurrent of fear.
Many dynamics to navigate,
Many people to satiate.
So often it goes such
That I find myself
Unaccounted for.
To choose between happiness
And security,
Is a decision I have yet to make.
Yet the options are clear,
The consequences concrete.
Outsiders come and go,
Leaving and taking what they please.
Who am I to stop them?
Or ask for something in return?
So I let the tides come and go,
As I supply the ocean,
And let myself wash away.
With each wave,
With each current,
I pine away.

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