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My Escape

October 5, 2013
By Fallenangels SILVER, Allen, Texas
Fallenangels SILVER, Allen, Texas
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As darkness falls around me,
I can finally start to be,
May the moon by my only light,
Let my pain fade away into the night,
My worries, my failures,
A crimson savior,
Don’t let him in my mind,
Even if there’s no hope to find,
Got to get out of the hell,
But not if my soul I must sell,
My escape into the night,
My troubles on this endless plight,
Can’t give into my desire,
It will only put out the fire,
My escape into my mind,
My only relief to find,
Grasp the steel in my grip,
Hold the cup, the poison to sip,
Summon crimson at my command,
I’m soon a slave to its every demand,
My escape should be for my good,
I’d give it up if I could,
Just to be free with my mind,
Something my soul not to bind,
Now I see there’s another way,
There’s a bright future today,
I can create my own worlds,
Into the void my past is hurled,

The author's comments:
This poem is about how I've found writing as a coping skill instead of cutting.

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