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The Faceless

October 5, 2013
By Fallenangels SILVER, Allen, Texas
Fallenangels SILVER, Allen, Texas
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They wear a mask, but there is nothing to conceal,
They look down on me, they can’t reveal,
Unreal, expressionless, they walk among us,
No soul, but compensation is a must,
Plagued with a sickness, the only cure is death,
It spreads quickly; force it on the rest,
Judging a condescending, they live for one thing,
To enslave the earth, their message rings,
But we are real, we have faces,
No need for a mask, we have been places,
Our hearts heavy, our souls broken,
Our suffering goes deep; it is a drowning pool,
The faceless are shallow, barely anything,
Hiding behind their mask of rules,
We must bind together, to take down the faceless.

The author's comments:
This talks about fake Christians who just follow what they are told and don't question anything.

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