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Reply to The Wife’s Lament

October 3, 2013
By imalwayswrite53 GOLD, Saltlake City, Utah
imalwayswrite53 GOLD, Saltlake City, Utah
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I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but what you don't realize is that what I said is not what I meant......

I can see you’re upset
but you’re overreacting a bit, don’t you think?
I did love you, but you made no attempt
to be the Lady my parents expected of my wife
Your manners could hardly rival those of a pig
You spoke far too often
and laughed too loud, and so
I was sent by parents on to travel the ocean
just so that I would be away from you
the words, “bad influence” would not be a stretch
you were very shy when we met
but you became too comfortable too quick

In my absence, no one could protect you
and so they sent you off as well
you said that you loved me
but clearly this was not so
I could feel in my heart there was another
for whom you truly cared
a sad lad, who dreamt of spilled blood
but, my dear, you made the same mistake
with no where to run and no way to hide
he took his own life

I know you are sad
but my dear you should know
there was a different way that
things could have gone
and I think you have figured this out by now
that it was all really your fault
forgive me, for it is true

The author's comments:
This is a reply to the medieval poem "The Wife's Lament", in the original poem the wife is portrayed as the victim, and when I wrote my reply, I wanted the husband to be the victim. I think it serves poetic justice.

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