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Broken heart

September 29, 2013
By Pretty D&#39souza BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Pretty D&#39souza BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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April Rain came suddenly
With a sudden burst of heavy clouds and dark clouds
She stood all alone with a broken heart
April Rain is coming down hard
Her tears start flowing heaver
As the rain falls, her tears are falling too
April Rain brought memories
With a sudden light and her life flashing in front of her
It all comes back to her
All the screaming, yelling, and Hateful words
She could be warm with no tears.
But she only has pain and regret
She lies down on the street and thinks about him
She waits and wonders whether to love or to hate
She lies there and wonders what to do
The one she loved has left her
Torn and broken like a doll, he has left her
Leaving her to lie alone and suffer the pain alone
She finally understand while lying in the April Rain

The author's comments:
Love is long gone

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