Now I Have You

My heart lays here on the white sheets.
The sheets we once cuddled in,
Made promises in.
Where we would lay and talk about our
Lives together and how happy we were.
I want to know what has happened to us,
Where has the happiness gone?
The apple in your eye no longer holds me,
Your heart no longer has room for me.
What have I done?
I stare down at you now,
Laying in your own blood with that
Smile I love so much plastered on your face.
I stare in your eyes
The deep blue that would creep into my dreams and wake me.
With cold fingers I touch your lips,
It feels so good not to feel.
Knowing that now you never have the chance to hurt me.
Your heart really is mine forever now.
I can still hear your heart beat-
Pulsing through my veins as my own.
I close my eyes, focusing on every detail of us.
My eyes fall on the image of my heart laying next to you, small and lacerated.. but I cannot seem to figure out why.
I loved you... didn't I?
I cannot remember.
All I remember is how good it felt to watch the shock on your face.
The mortified look you had given me as the blade penetrated your heart.
It felt so amazing to know your heart was in my control no matter what you did.
Months have passed since you've been laying here; still and motionless.
I smile when I lay here with you,
I think about all of the things we could have done... if only you loved me.
I laugh to myself now, being so silly.
Making you like me was easy, making you love me was easy, but making you stay... that was the easiest.
All it took was one single plunge and now you're mine forever.
I smile again and curl up next to your cold body...
How does it feel?
I mean, you said you wanted nothing to do with this.. you got want what you wanted..
And I have always wanted you, now I have you.
So we'll lay here together, forever,
So happy... even though the one half of me that I cherish has now perished in my sheets.

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