July 22, 2013

It was so sudden.
I wept as I read the text
over and over.
"I can't do this anymore," it said.
"It isn't fair to you," it said.
"My heart isn't in the right place," it said.

Two years gone and meaninglessbecause of a text.
A text that changed me.
A text that made me.

I wasn't ready to say our final goodbye.
I was oblivious to his unhappiness.

And as for her?
She's lucky.
She gets his love.
She gets his attention.
She gets that laughs and the good moments.
She gets that past two years of my life.

It was so sudden.
"Move on," they said.
"It's his lost," they said.
"You're too good for him," they said.

Little did they know that I can't.
I can't forget.
"I can't just turn away.

So many memories and
so many treasures and
so many anniversaries and
so many sleepless nights,
(because that were spent taking to him).
So many thoughts of him,
consuming my brain
night after night.

Little did that know that every night since
July 22, 2013,
I've cried myself to sleep
because of his emotional absence.
It's all I needed to keep me up at night.

It was so sudden.

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