Poetically Yours

August 21, 2013
By Marissax3 PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
Marissax3 PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
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Bend against my curves
like a treble clef’s curl,
Slip through lyrical spaces
and caved in lines of
silent voices that go unheard
until distant cries are penned
and easily interpreted
through fluent language
with straightforward adjectives
that stalk verbs and
harass nouns
with pronoun eagerness
forming beautiful structure
with jot down verses
of emotions .

In me lies the focus
of your subject, so…
Read me like the front page
headline of your poetic news
printed in black and white
poetic notes
Conversing codes of secrecy
Encrypted for poetic purposes
that only you can decipher by
reaching inside my soul
where poetic frequencies
echoes off measured breathing
deep within my inkwell,
humming rhythms
that are now
the backbone of my melodies.

You are the
atoms and elements that
actualize poetry’s pitch of sound
as it blends with imagery
creating emotional reaction
affective via syllables accented
through the voice of your pen,
the purest form of art scribed
So invite me in to feel,
and respond to your words,
Seize my imagination intellectually
Let me inhale and experience
Your reality through poetry
forever and always,

Poetically Yours

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