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July 23, 2013
By JJSchneider GOLD, Camas, Washington
JJSchneider GOLD, Camas, Washington
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Clarity of mind, clarity of heart.
Where to begin? When to start?
Making moves before we step.
Catching breath, when there is none left.
Moving on when I am met...
With many quarrels that I need not fret.
Screams unheard by those not caring,
Still are the scorns that keep on scaring.
Painful are the actions made against my will
Let us never forget as to why be tranquil.
When fear comes remember this,
That we are nothing, but a gift.
What kind is important, it is why we exist.
Are we a lesson, a story and such?
Perhaps a good friend that can teach so much?
One bent on anger, and finds peace in corruption?
A conception of nothing, an empty production?
I don't know you, and you might not either.
I am a candle, I have a fire within.
Simple, not much, but my wic's not a fuse.
I am calm, impotent, but here nonetheless.
We really can choose who we are, and how we act!
Surprising to you, it's most likely a fact.
For you lack good direction, and fear free advice...
I am here: your protection, but you still fear my light.
I will never consume the world with my flame.
My burning is not for me, not to harm, not for fame.
I have no intention of making things better,
That's for you to decide from this letter.

The author's comments:
My oldest sister is on a downward spiral and won't listen to anyone who is genuinely trying to help her with drugs and her children. She told my family that there was no changing who she was, and that when people go to church they grow more evil. I hope no one else has to endure the pain of helping someone who won't accept help, or loving those who don't love you.
I also hope that if you are lost, that you know that there are people that actually have the will to help when you are in need, and stay afterward as a friend. Finally, I hope that you realize that change is not always easy, but is always possible if you wish it and have God on your side!

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