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An Ode to Mental Exhaustion

July 7, 2013
By Alani BRONZE, Sydney, Other
Alani BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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Scattered loose leaf
Sloppy side ponytail
Head resting against tired hands
Knotted nerves
Frenzied eyes
Frantic thump-thump of a tiring heartbeat
Dull ache
Non-functional frontal lobe
Drifting eyes
Drifting thoughts
The Window beckons
The Sunlight taunts
The Tantalizing Taste of Summer is near
Impatience is tangible
Tedious moments pass slowly by
Hysteria is short-lived
Arduous moments blur as focus wanes
The warmth of the soft down Comforter call out
The Refrigerator hums a jeer
Impatience growls
Frustration oozes out in a string of profanities
Desire for escape overwhelms
It is quieted
It is silenced
by society's inclinations
by expectations
by promise of potential
Yet the Unease remains buried deep
Bottled in
Seeping out quietly
Manifesting in a Cloud of Doubt
Drifting eyes
Drifting thoughts...
Try not to scream.
Scratching of old ink against rough paper
Scattered thoughts as scattered paper
Cloistered resonance of human spirit
Thrown away
Frown lines
Furrowed eyebrows
A few more days...
A few more days...
A few days more.

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