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Endless Wishes

July 9, 2013
By DanielleB. SILVER, LaVernia, Texas
DanielleB. SILVER, LaVernia, Texas
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Every day of my life I was told I was different
I was told I was special
But it never seemed like I was ever wanted
Every book I read it had kids who were different and special
Nobody wanted to be there friend until they did something to be noticed for
Something great and important
Every day I try to do something great not to be noticed by anyone else
Except one person the person known as “my father”
Day after day and night after night
I was never good enough
Could never accomplish the great things he wanted
Then again I could never truly understand what he wanted from me
I was always told it wasn’t me but that seemed hard to believe
So every day, hour, minute, and second of my life that I spent trying every way for him to be proud that I was his daughter… Wasted!!
Hidden in disbelief of hopeless thoughts and dreams of wishing what would never be

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