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Erase Me

July 2, 2013
By JessixMathers GOLD, Urbana, Illinois
JessixMathers GOLD, Urbana, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
No matter where you run I'll be right there, right behind you, in your nightmares - Eminem <3

That voice of yours that sings
beutifully through my ears
Brings me back to every little thing and memory
The sadness of unrequited love, the loneliness of being without you
Yes you still belong to the evil demon of the perfect girl
And you don't know that you don't really love her
And though its shameful to admit
I've tried my best to take you
But don't bother my darling, continue to need her
And continue to hurt me but feel no sorrow
But remember when you need someone who has your back
When you realize how much you hate her ugly perfection
It will be too late
You'll find me limp and cold and try to shake me awake
But I'm sorry my dear, it's far too late
I already gave the darkness my soul to take

The author's comments:
Wrote this in 2 years ago in Freshman year of High School.. It's about my current boyfriend of a year, who at the time was caught between the ugly perfection of her, and the crooked perfection of me... (He chose me. (: )

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