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A world in my eyes

June 15, 2013
By hayhaywhaley GOLD, Houston, Texas
hayhaywhaley GOLD, Houston, Texas
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"How could any step away from you ever be in the right direction?"

He turned and looked at me, all bright eyes he spoke,
'I see the world in you'
I sat there
Dazed and confused,
Contemplating the reasoning behind his meaningful speech,
I couldn't understand
I sat there in frustration
'Its not for you to understand but for me to see'
I am just Rayne, plain old Rayne,
'Rayne with the big eyes that make me angry,' he said flatly
I am just average, nothing special to see in me,
'There is a beauty inside you, it's like a flame, I could spend a thousand years inside you trying to figure it out what it is you see'
I just admire the deep things on this earth, I can see past the outer shield, that doesn't make me special just someone who cares,
'You're remarkable, I marvel at you, miss perfection with the world in your eyes, you entice me, you excite me, you're a creature that breathes and you breathe poetically

The author's comments:
These our things my boyfriend said to that inspired me to write a poem. He believes in an idea called breathing which someone who breathes is a type of person that doesn't just look at something but feels something. They breathe it in, they don't mindlessly stare or just see or listen. They embrace the meaning and see the feelings in the other person. It doesn't always mean music or art. It's everyone's passion.
"You can't see how I imagine you standing at a concert with people blurring past you as your just standing there gazing at the stage with glassy eyes and a twinkle of amazement and awe throughout the curves and details of your face. Really listening, really feeling. Gripping on to your shirt slightly and parting your lips as the song picks up. I see you in my head as you tell me these things like it's a movie and I don't know why but I can picture this perfect image of you lighting up. Or of you watching that girl play guitar, and how when she plays, it's apart of her. It's that magic she create, music floating around her. And every one has that with something. Some people, it's just watching them read or write, it's like such a powerful thing and you wonder in every way how they can make it look so desirable and beautiful and effortless. Even if someone juggles incredibly well xD its like it makes you stop what you're doing and just watch for hours and hours and hours of the secrets behind every movement but you know you'll never know how something can literally take your breath away and make your words slow and stutter. I feel what you're saying, and you have that skill that makes me do that. It's called laying there and breathing"

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on Oct. 11 2013 at 1:05 am
hayhaywhaley GOLD, Houston, Texas
14 articles 0 photos 16 comments

Favorite Quote:
"How could any step away from you ever be in the right direction?"

Thank you so much!

idkgoawaylol said...
on Aug. 27 2013 at 12:48 pm
idkgoawaylol, Santa Fe, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"We read to know that we are not alone." -C.S.Lewis

This one is my favorite. My heart was racing as I was reading the last few lines. Great job!