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What If I Die

June 12, 2013
By rockmafia-611 BRONZE, Oran, Other
rockmafia-611 BRONZE, Oran, Other
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What if i die
Left you here alone
Will you ever cry
And miss me when i'm gone
Would you look at my picture in the middle of the night
And wish you could apologize about our last fight
Tell me what would you do
If i'm not anymore here with you
Talk to me about the things you want to say
Before i leave you and walk away

What if i die
I won't existe in this world anymore
Mom,just don't wait for me to come in from our frontdoor
Wash my body and put it on the floor
Let the people say goodbye then take me where i belong

What if i die
Would you even care?
Or you won't bother to say goodbye
I'll wait for you at my funeral, will you be there?
Or you'll just pretend you can't come and lie
Tell me what would you do?
I bet that day i'll get to know the real you

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