Secrets of a Best Friend

June 11, 2013
This is just another girl
Falling for another guy
She wants to say so
But she's far too shy

She thinks him perfect
She knows he's not
She still doesn't think
She's got a shot

She saves her love for a rainy day
When she can hold his hand and say
I used to want to share your world
But I knew I was nothing, just another girl
So I smiled at you,
Held you when you cried
Became your best friend
Triumphant inside

And then,
She'll grin and look at him
She'll laugh in his face
And say you win
I give up, I've tried and now I'm done
I've already waited for long enough

But you didn't see that there was love
Watching and waiting for you to look up
You kept your head down
Forgot the face of the sun
And now I'm gone,
So your war is won

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