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June 3, 2013
By SimplyErica SILVER, San Marcos, California
SimplyErica SILVER, San Marcos, California
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"Love is something unconditional. It continues to live even when everything dies." - By Me ♥

Remember. . .
When I cried?
When she stole that moment with you?
When I wasn't good enough?
When it was all my fault?
When I said that I'd never come back!
When I did. . .
When you lied?
When you told me that this time would be different?
When you kept secrets?
When I said I couldn't take it anymore!
Then I did. . .
When I learned
When I picked up the pieces
To MY own broken heart
And fixed it with these other pieces
That made sense in an odd way
That came from myself
That wasted energy. . .
Regained in a fresh start
And now you want to tell me–
If I remember us?
Remember the good?
Why don't you remember. . .
That I did all that I could
Goodbye to the past, fellow old lover
You're history
I remember

The author's comments:
This goes to the girls and boys who have had bad relationships, who held onto them for way too long. . .then learned that there is strength inside of themselves to move on. That sometimes there is good, but remember. . .all that was bad. Remember that, sometimes it takes a fresh start to feel healthy, to know a healthy relationship. Trying it over again with new people, isn't always a bad idea.

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