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Just a Little Story.

May 10, 2013
By Kylesback BRONZE, Ixonia, Wisconsin
Kylesback BRONZE, Ixonia, Wisconsin
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I’ll tell you a little story about something called love. People believe it’s suppose to be a gift from above. Thought to be so pure and innocent like the image of a dove. They got it all wrong. it ain't all about sex, panties and thongs. Find your place where you really belong, don’t force it with someone when you don’t even get along. Love isn't like a song. it doesn't end, so find someone you can call your best friend. You’ll know when they stick up for you and defend. Their love will be real not pretend. Don’t give up right away, I know you’ll find someone one day. Who will treat you the right way, who won’t ever leave but only stay. They will want you for who you are, so please forget the rest. just be yourself at the very best.

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