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Antipathy to "Family"

May 4, 2013
By marialove3 PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
marialove3 PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
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You can yell all you want.
You can poke my cheek
and accuse me of things.
You can strip me of my skin,
and keep on going.
But I will not give you the satisfaction,
of a reaction.
May I be laconic;
it is obvious you are far from it.
Please, calm down.
There is no use,
for I will continue with this “opposition”.
I am telling you now,
and not because I am proud,
or pompous.
I am far from it.
But it is time for me
to do as I please
without worrying
about what you think.
About whether or not,
you are watching me.
Good bye,
I am leaving.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a little misunderstanding with the parents...but it was nice to get it out. :)

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