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Without A Dream

May 2, 2013
By DarkestShadow98 GOLD, Lawndale, California
DarkestShadow98 GOLD, Lawndale, California
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"...You'll never know who I am because not even I know the whole story. So you can study your whole life but when it comes to me you'll fail the exam." ~ Me

Dreams, nightmares, and reality
How they work together to fool me,
I'm lost as to which is which anymore
I don't know what's false or true
I'm unsure if I should even worry about you
And then sneaks in this silent emotion
Suddenly awaking without permission

I'm scared to the bone; worried and helpless
Because there's nothing I can do to fix this mess
All I can do...but that's just it
There is absolutely nothing I can do
Simply sit here and whisper a prayer for you
Please, get better, get well and strong
Don't let the world continue so out of place and wrong

I'm sorry I'm not next to you to help you fight
But as I said, all I can do is hope you'll be alright
I'm sorry that I don't tell you enough
But your little sister loves you very much
And even at this point, I'm still unsure,
I'm not sure if I should believe this big blur
Because I refuse to believe this is the truth

I can't accept your suffering as being non-fiction
I'm waiting for when I escape this nightmare
To run into your room and cry, "I was so scared"
But I don't seem to be waking up soon
I pinch myself, but nothing changes
My mind whispers, "Sorry, you're not mistaken"
Because without a dream, you simply can't awaken

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