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May 2, 2013
By DarkestShadow98 GOLD, Lawndale, California
DarkestShadow98 GOLD, Lawndale, California
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Favorite Quote:
"...You'll never know who I am because not even I know the whole story. So you can study your whole life but when it comes to me you'll fail the exam." ~ Me

I never was the girl guys fell for
I was the one who showed up at their door
With a smile and a heart, ready to listen
I endured hearing you talk about her
I cried, fell apart, and shattered
But I was always there

I'm not the kind who dreams of fairy tales,
Was never the person to wait for prince charming
I knew those fantasizes were hopeless and harming
But how should I put this?
I wouldn't mind feeling beautiful in a silk dress
Or, under intense pressure, sharing a midnight kiss

It's a feeling that I still don't understand
I'm scared to say what it might be
All I know is, I wish you loved me
But with this situation at hand
My mind whispers, "You're stupid to dream,
Happiness and reality can never be on the same team."

Life seems like it has lasted forever
And it will end when it reaches never
I don't want to imagine life in the future
Because no one is fond of departure
I don't want to loose you
But the worst thing is holding on to someone
That doesn't wasn't to be held on to

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