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Two Sided

May 2, 2013
By Ankylosaurus BRONZE, Berrien Springs, Michigan
Ankylosaurus BRONZE, Berrien Springs, Michigan
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I promise you,
he’s not usually like this,

That horrible,
no-good excuse,
the type of thing you say about a jerk,
a friend you’ve held onto for too long,

He seems to have gotten it into his head,
that you,
of all people,
are his sidekick

That your sole existence,
is to make his more pleasant,

That your flaws should be exaggerated,
more than his own,

And finally,
that you two will come together,
and leave separate,

As he is a coin,
waiting to be flipped,

And as he is a man,
of two faces,

His power,
keeps you,
feeds you,
like a magnet,
no matter,
how hard you pull,

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