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Zombie At School

April 30, 2013
By mhambleton BRONZE, Crestview, Florida
mhambleton BRONZE, Crestview, Florida
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Take my soul
keep me sane
but leave my body
my remains
since I’ll be dead
it doesn’t matter
it’s all the same

I’ll be a zombie

tomorrow at school

my only thought

“try not to drool”

my feelings unwound

off their spool

to give them back

would just be cruel

I’ll be a corpse
the living dead
not a thought
in my head
if my eyes are less white
and more red
it’s cuz zombies don’t sleep
or so they’ve said

So take my soul
leave my remains
so not a thought
goes through my brains
a walking corpse
the living dead
with blank eyes
that are red
I’ll be a zombie
tomorrow at school
if you don’t think me dead
then you’re a fool
if you get close
beware my attack
for if you don't dodge
you might end up my snack

The author's comments:
I lost something really important for school and I told my friends,
"My mom is gonna kil me!"
Then I joked about how when i next came to school I would be a zombie because I was dead and all.

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