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Becoming Memory

April 29, 2013
By Wild_Rebel_Rose DIAMOND, Somerset, Wisconsin
Wild_Rebel_Rose DIAMOND, Somerset, Wisconsin
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Be who you are, and say what you feel, becuase those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
-Dr. Seuss

We put up walls like blankets around us on winter nights
And I really haven't felt a thing for the longest time.
It's better off that way for me, for now I guess
It sounds depressing but it's my only happiness.
Cuz I'm strong within myself now, I don't need you
I really don't need anyone to get me through
Not now. Not now when it would just end up
Becoming memory.

I'll let you in but really I don't let you make me love.
I care about you but giving me a reason isn't enough
I'll wait til someone shows me, not just says words
Cuz words are nothing and actions are everything,
and lies between them hurt.
Don't remind me, I know, everybody lies.
No one's perfect, I'm far from perfect
And when it comes to Love I'm paralyzed
I hate that word, it's thrown around too much.
Don't use it now, not now, when it would just end up
Becoming memory.

Don't tell me I have no faith, because I don't give up.
Who knows what could happen, yeah, sure, people fall in love.
It's vulnerable. It isn't safe, you see?
I'm not saying I'm playing it safe, I'm saying
I'm waiting til there's someone to catch me.
Why would you let yourself fall when you know you'll die inside?
Don't take the risk til someones willing to risk it by your side.
Maybe the fall will fail in the end,
but at least you'll fly for awhile,... but not now, for us
Not now when it would just end up
Becoming memory.

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