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Underneath My Pillow

April 26, 2013
By Emotsye PLATINUM, Syracuse, New York
Emotsye PLATINUM, Syracuse, New York
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I just want you to know that I attempted to preserve every feeling that you have ever blessed upon me
Your incessant accomplishments reminded me to stash your ambitious hopes and hopeful ambitions in my sock drawer
I never forgot to place your raspy morning whispers and raspy morning giggles in my coat pockets
Don't you remember that I buried your fears and flaws in the rich soil of my garden?

I even protected your heart underneath my pillow

I have kept so many of your things, but you have kept only one thing of mine
One thing that you viciously plucked right out of my chest
One thing that you painfully pummeled to pieces
One thing that you carelessly tossed on the floor

It was so foolish of me to have protected yours underneath my pillow

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