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Mother's Lullaby

April 22, 2013
By BlackRosePetalz SILVER, Miramar, Florida
BlackRosePetalz SILVER, Miramar, Florida
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I hover over the window
The threshold where light and dark meet
I hesitate to cross
The darkness of slumber has been kind to me
And I do not want to leave it, do not want to open my eyes
But somewhere past that window, someone serenades me
The song is ever distant and ever close

My hesitation falters
Who sings to me in the light?

I listen now, eyes still closed, pausing to cross
It is not a serenade but a lullaby
Mother's lullaby

She drums her nails against the windowpane to a rhythm only she knows
Drums rumble and accompany her like the purrs of a lioness
She whistles and whispers, hums and hushes 
And the trees sway to her melody
I can almost feel her sweet, cool caress on my cheek

My eyes plead to remain shut in blackness
I pay their pleas no attention
Shadows dance on the walls like bats in flight
A dance to match this lively lullaby 

I turn my head to look out the window
One, two, three...
Mother flashes her smile.
One, two, three...
Her smile lights the night sky.

Others would find her song anything but lulling 
I am not the others

I match her smiles with a tired one
The window is closing now

I lay my head back upon the pillow 
Her lullaby guides me past the threshold of twilight, back into the dark
Her voice growing ever more distant
As I am swathed again in the blanket of darkness

The author's comments:
The best person to sing you to sleep is good ol' Mother Nature.

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