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You Can't Hurt Me

April 18, 2013
By Ankylosaurus BRONZE, Berrien Springs, Michigan
Ankylosaurus BRONZE, Berrien Springs, Michigan
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I hug time affectionately,
but it slides from my grasp,
every minute the hand ticks,
it’s coming for me,
for me,
I realize this is crazy,
that I’m far from sane,
so I smash you clock,
and watch,
any symbol of you,
I wish to vanquish time,
stop pain,
and death

So tears slide down as wasted memories,
each swipe from my hand,
feels like a dagger being plunged,
into my mind

Who am I kidding,
I am at the end,
no need for desperate pleas,
and through the grandfather clock,
I see a glorious light,
then darkness,
and in my last moment,
I feel the dagger,
the dagger that was likened unto a tearful memory,
the dagger,
that plunged so deeply into me

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