Carpe Diem

Carpe diem
That's Latin for run away
Or was it seize the day
I'm your average heroine
I'm not scared of anything
I'm only scared of heights when I'm looking down
Scared of death but I'm scared of life
I want to win but I'm scared of trying
Trying reach the top but I'm scared of flying
Because I'm only scared of heights when I'm looking down.
I want your attention, but I'm scared of crowds
Not scared of the dark, just scared of the sounds
Of silence
You know just hearing my own breath
I'm scared of lonely..ness
Nesting my thoughts in my head, only having conversation with myself, no family , or white picket fence
So I try to appear emotionless
Which isn't a success but
I fear that wearing my heart on my sleeve,
Will make you respect me less
Keep my vulnerability incognito , that's the motto
Ill be a man, like Mulans boyfriend said
But Keeping emotionless has made me spiritually dead
Prayers before bed, I skip that,
Kids with aids? NEXT, I've seen that.
Gods coming again? Well THEN
you've been saying that for 2000 years
I think I caught bronchitis cause say ain't nobody got time for that
Hiding my fears, holding back tears, no more cares
No worries, no problems, dude
but here's the thing
I'm addicted to sin, subconsciously giving in
I'm head of the s.a. , no not student association
Don't worry, I don't want your place trin
I'm talking Sinner Anonymous
I'm joining linkin park because I understand the numbness
I'm spiritually confused
Who brought the spiritual food
Slowly dying cause I need to be spiritually fed
My sleeves on my heart and my hands on my head
????Take my heart, oh, take and seal it????
Sorry, it's broken and abused
????I'm prone to wander, Lord I feel it????
????Prone to leave the God I love????
You have to excuse me, I'm out of practice
And out of tune
????Take my heart, oh take and seal it..????
Only Broken records bellow the same ballad as much as me.
I'm not the only one who looks spiritually thirsty.
Y'all need a well? I mean a glass
Dry bones, dry bones you all sit in the pews as the earth
Spiritually, mentally, and physically groans
The pain of the world--it shows
But all we have to show for it is our quote on quote Christianity
Our devotion to a God who requires a certain prose--
Iambic pentameter. All freestyle forbidden
Obsessed with tradition and religion, the tradition of religion, the religion of tradition.
We're Scared of death but I'm scared of life
We want to win but we're scared of trying
We're Trying reach the top but we're scared of flying
Because we're only scared of heights when we're looking down

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