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Magic or Misfortune

April 11, 2013
By rediscover_thediscovered GOLD, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
rediscover_thediscovered GOLD, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
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We think we are invincible because we are.

Once there was a world so magical and new
The sky was filled with brightness, so beautiful and blue
Days passed by but time stood still
As love had formed against her will.

But this perfect world could not last
And soon came back her haunted past
In this world of magic she could not stay
For she knew how things could fade away.

So in due time she broke out free
From this world so magic to you and me
Now in these woods she wanders back
In hopes to find her haunted past.

Because in her mind that seemed the path
To take her where she was happy last
Though most would say she'd gone astray
She would tell you had found her way.

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