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just that.

March 24, 2013
By Rebecca Rakowitz GOLD, Stamford, Connecticut
Rebecca Rakowitz GOLD, Stamford, Connecticut
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My words…
Are just that.

Letters stringing together
To form words.
Words stringing together
To form sentences heard.

Sentences stringing together
To form thoughts,
Or at least that’s what
They ought.

I want to form great thoughts.

To have
Someone read my words -
And stop. And say

Or more importantly,
Stop and

How did she craft this?
What made her think?
How did she see this through
Eyes that, just like ours, blink?

But my words…
Are just that.

Your words have juice.
Have life.
Have depth.
Have meaning.

It’s not letters that form your words,
But rather,

You are
Terribly blessed
With adversity.

Your struggles are your essence
They are your building blocks.
It’s what makes your words real and free,
While mine make a brain lock.

I’m Sheltered.
Pigeon holed.

Yes I’ve been hurt.
Hurt many a time.
But I strive to be the girl
That everyone thinks is fine

Because she
Hides so well behind her
But I am no good –
I fall more than once in a while.
I am weak,
And I crack,
And I crumble,
And I fall.
I am the girl that’s weak,
Not the one that stands tall.

But my troubles are nothing
Compared to yours.

You are
Terribly blessed with hardships,
That transform your word’s gears,
From words the eye sees,
To words the mind hears.

Even now, My Words…
Are just that.

But I want them to be so much
This is what I want in life.
Without it, I’m a

Words are my
Words are my
And they leave me in
Each and every time,
It seems.

But Words mean nothing to you.
In fact, they are
And yet, you are
With a gift
That, for which, you could have

Yet I do not want fame –
I want to inspire.
I simply want to spark
A thought fire.

The gift that
I strive for.
The gift that
I live for.
In the palm
Of your hands.

With the gift I need.
Without it I am
Flesh and bones.
What kind of life
Can I lead?

Without a gift,
What purpose do I have
On this Earth?
Without a gift,
Do I have any worth?

Why do you have
My gift?
And why don’t I?
You have it
Lying around,
And I need it
To fly.

You have it.
I want it.
I need it.

You achieved it through Pain,
So maybe I should try the Same.
Is it really Self-Harm,
If it’s all for Self-Gain?

I need my words to be more,
I need them to so[a]r[e]

But my words…
Are just that.

The author's comments:
I know some of the stanzas don't rhyme...I did that on purpose. This poem is for all those people who have a passion and know someone who is so much more talented than them at whatever that may be -and that other person doesn't even care or realize how special their talent is!!! My passion: writing! (if you couldn't guess)

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