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Midnight Howling

March 15, 2013
By NiaraTiara BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
NiaraTiara BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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A tear ran down Jack’s reddened cheek
As he stumbled painfully, and continued to seek
He studied his surroundings, cold and weak
But still no sign of where the dog could be
Then came a rustling sound from the trees
Jack paused for a moment, until he could see
A pair of dark eyes, peeking out from a tree
At once, a smile spread across Jack’s face
And he ran to his pet with lots of haste
The dog growled unpleased with Jack’s presence
And then gave him a horrible present
Soon blood streaked over Jack’s knee
As he tumbled backwards unpleasantly
He looked up at the sky, his hand covered his wound
Then Jack’s eyes fell upon the full moon
A sudden shock ran his brain
As fangs came through his gums in pain
Jack’s hands were turning into paws
And his nails grew into claws
Soon Jack’s screams turned into growling
Then all you could hear was Midnight Howling

The author's comments:
Okay so I admit that poetry is not my forte, but I decided I'd give this one a shot. Thanks for reading.

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