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You Come, You Go

March 6, 2013
By DoubttheCircles SILVER, Washougal, Washington
DoubttheCircles SILVER, Washougal, Washington
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Keep swimming, keep swimming, Heaven is just on the horizon.

you come, you go
my heart darkens, the memories echo;
Along this path, I walk alone.
Rain floods my face, showing you everywhere
you come, you go
Emotions rest upon stripped rooms and walls
These smiles shatter, flashbacks burn my mind
screams in the night awaken me;
Disturbing the most comforted soul
you come, you go
The light arrives, my soul is found
finally freedom comes, shadows find their color
But nevermore will you return, for you'd have to be dead
I dwell in Heaven, as you are destined for Hell;
You will never come back
you come, you go

The author's comments:
What inspired this piece is my past. The only difference is that if I had let my past get the best of me, as well as the current difficulties in my life.. I wouldn't be here.

This is about something that had happened to me. The way I write tends to be confusing, so please, try to keep up.

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