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The American Way

February 25, 2013
By KrissyJazz DIAMOND, Mankato, Minnesota
KrissyJazz DIAMOND, Mankato, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Wisdom begins in wonder.

I visited Ground Zero
On a trip to NYC when
I was a sophomore in
High school.

I remember everyone being
So exited and all I could
Think was,
“Oh yeah, we’re going
To see the sight of a
National tragedy.
Hey, maybe we’ll
See some
Ghosts while we’re there.”


We all paid
Two grand to get
To New York so we could
See the ghosts of
Our past, something we
Could have seen on
Youtube or the
Psyfi channel
For free…
Well ain’t that
Just the ‘Merican Way?

The first thing
I saw when we
Actually got to
Ground Zero was this
Family crowding together so
A stranger could take their

I really wish he would have
Run of with their camera.
That way there would have been
At least one
Reverent person
In that place.

When they cleared away
The wreckage of the
Twin Towers,
They found a piece of
Support beam left
Standing in the shape
Of a cross.

This should have
Marked the sight as
Holy Ground, but

They moved
The cross, put it in
A museum like a
Circus act for people
To gawk at,
And then they
Plowed over the
Ground where it
Stood so that they could
Keep up appearances,
Make it look like
Are too
To waste good land
And are too
To dwell in the past…
Or to pay any heed to
Those who lost
Their lives
Because of it.

You know,
People don’t go to
Ground Zero to
Pay their respects to
The dead or to
Their country.

They visit so that they
Can experience the
Profoundness of
Witnessing something majestic.
Ground Zero is not

It’s not a

It’s not f***ing

You can’t go
To confess your
Sins or to feel as though
You’ve accomplished some
Incredible feat in getting

It’s not that hard.

You pay ten bucks
At the entrance, walk
Up a flight of pearly white
Steps to stair out
A massive glass window at
A construction sight…
Be sure to buy some
Chocolate at the
Godiva store on the
Way out.

That place is a
Wound in the
Heart of this
Country, and no matter
How hard you
Try, you can’t
Heal wounds by snapping
Pictures, sending them
To every corner of the
World, inviting every living
Soul to come and watch as
All hope for our nation is
Bled dry!

We’ve turned that
Hallowed ground into
A roadside freak show
That is so bright and so
Loud that even the
Dead can’t rest there,
But, hey, that’s
Just the
American way…


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